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Digital Distribution Amplifiers
   Audio Balanced DA's
A0108DS: Dual 1x8 or 1x16 with unbalanced/balanced inputs with gain pots, and balanced stereo outputs.
Frequency response: 20Hz - 100kHz.
Sale price: $495
   Video/Analog DA
ADO108Q: Quad 1x8 (4 channel) Balanced/Unbalanced switchable inputs with 4x8 AES3-110 outputs. Signal amplitude 4Vp-p(1Vp-p. Sampling: 32-48kHz, Jitter 0.7ns. MSRP:$765  
Sale price: $495
   Video/Analog DA
V0106Q: Quad 1x6 or dual 1x12 or single 1x24 unit can pass 80 MHz MSRP : MSRP:$765
Sale price: $450
V0106D: Same as above: Dual 1x6 or single 1x12 $512
VBB0106Q: Same as above (quad). Unit can pass 500 MHz MSRP:$869  
Sale price: $638
VBB0106D: Same as above (dual) MSPR:$594
Sale price: $468
New York Based - Worldwide Experience
Surface mount design, low profile enclosures. Single rack space, Depth: 1.6 inches.
VIDEO & AIDIO Duplication - Standards Conversions
DVD & CD Authoring & Replication
AVID Symphony - Video Production