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DVD Authoring in New York City
DVD Authoring
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For the highest quality DVD Authoring we use the Sonic Scenarist Authoring Program, "The Gold Standard" used for Hollywood feature films.

Our experienced compressionist will determine the compression strategy that will yield the best results based on the source video and the project requirements for the ultimate DVD Authoring.

Our New York City DVD Authoring studio is capable of the simplest to the most complex interactive projects.

We can provide DVD Authoring to include motion menus, multiple angles, multiple audio tracks, subtitles, surround sound,

and 16 x 9 wide screen.

Need parental control or copy protection? ACP® (formerly Macrovision), RipGuard® , CopyBlock®, CSS encryption, Region Coding? No Problem.



NTSC 16 X 9 Video Menu graphics (Click on Link)

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