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DVD Duplication
Tobin Productions Packaging & Printing
Tobin Productions will guide you through the process.
From small run DVD-R's to thousands or hundreds of thousands of replicated DVD's

DVD's are commonly packaged in Amaray cases like the ones that you get at the video store. But we also have in stock or on short order a variety of jewel cases, C-Shells, S-Shells, paper or plastic sleeves, self adhesive sleeves, and many other options. The Amaray case take usually requires the printing of a wrapper that goes in a clear pocket on the outside of the case. Jewel cases frequently include printed tray cards (for the back and spine) and inserts (for the front). And both may be distributed with inserted booklets. Tobin DVD can help you with all your printing needs. We supply templates for the artwork, proofs for approval and printing at non New York prices. For additional information please CLICK HERE
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We create DVD titles using the highly rated top of the line Sonic Scenarist DVD software on a rock solid XP Pro platform. Our system features powerful real time hardware encoding for on time delivery of your project with the highest quality video and Dolby audio. Multi Pass Variable bit encoding enables the system to encode with optimum efficiency The_Sonic_Scenarist system creates and formats the DVD discs with hyperlinks and interactive menu navigation in half the time of other systems. These cost efficiencies are passed on to our customers. We have the capacity to create double layered DVD-9's and dual sided DVD-10's for DVD-Replication. We master on DVD-R authoring discs or the preferred DLT's for replication.

From small run DVD-R's to thousands or hundreds of thousands of replicated DVD's Tobin DVD will guide you through the process. We are experienced in all forms of disc art, packaging and printing and can advise you on multiple packaging solutions to fit your budget and project. DVD-R's are cloned or burned individually in disc drives. Tobin DVD currently has 35 drives allowing for short turnaround times. DVD-R's have a capacity of 4.7 gigs of information, up to two hours of video and audio depending on the level of motion on the video and the quality required on your project. As of the second quarter of 2004 more than 95% of all DVD drives recognize and play DVD-R's made with the top rated Maxell white thermal printable disc utilized by TobinDVD. There is a difference, inferior discs do not reach the current 95% threshold. TobinDVD custom prints text and artwork directly on the disc in colour utilizing a Microboards FP-2 Inkjet printer and in black and white with a Rimage Thermal printer.


DVD's are manufactured in a press the size of a small bus. The process is designed for large scale replication. Much of the cost is in creating the master stamper and setting up the press. In effect you amortize the cost of the first disc in all subsequent discs. The more you make the less each disc costs. If you need more than 100 discs the cost effective way to go is with DVD's. You get the added benefit that DVD's are compatible with 100% of all DVD Players. We silkscreen or photo offset on the disc with CMYK (4-color) quality. Turnaround time for replicated DVD's is 6 to 10 days depending on many factors. Rush service with very quick turnaround times available.

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